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Buddy Testimonial

Buddy in Action!

Testimonial from a St. Vincent Amazon breeder.

In June, Avitronics received a rather special e-mail from a breeder of endangered exotic parrot species, and specifically the St. Vincent Amazon Parrot. This is what the e-mail said, and we consider it a great example of how priceless the Buddy can be during the critical stages of avian incubation.

Dear Sirs,
A couple of years ago, I purchased a Buddy II for one of my friends who has a large private collection of exotic birds. His major interest lies in breeding endangered species in captivity and your device was instrumental in bringing one of his best successes to date: the birth of two extremely rare St Vincent Parrots. Mr Quinque is a member of the St Vincent Parrot Consortium and was loaned by the St Vincent Government one female and three males in order to try to breed them abroad and try to create a viable safety group outside of the small and fragile island of St Vincent, their only abode.

The parrots are notoriously difficult to breed in captivity with efforts in the last thirty years by the more than ten members of the consortium bringing only a handful of chicks. The one breeding couple gave three fertile eggs which were carefully monitored by the Buddy II which soon confirmed they were all fertile, a rare event in itself. The Buddy II gave reassuring readings throughout the incubation but most importantly, told Mr Quinque exactly when the chicks were due to hatch.

This was critical as the three were much too weak to break out of their eggs and the shells had to be broken manually and chicks very carefully extracted over a period of more than 24 hours. One died at that time but the other two survived and have grown from 16 grams at birth to 300 grams one month later, date of the picture. They're still not out of the woods, but your machine did give them a starting chance.

Yours sincerely.

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